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Frequently Asked Question

Understand more about us here, with questions on certification, our process and journey.

Why do we need blockchain-based certification?


A smart contract process that is stress-free, allowing both online and physical accessibility.


The Certification of Authenticity (COA) credits the artist and validates artwork transactions.


Protects the artwork, seller and buyer against false claims and potential fraudulent cases.

How are these certificates recognized?

These certifications are authenticated on OpenCerts (GovtTech) which are internationally supported and acknowledged.


We also partner with valuators, curators, insurance agencies, and custodian banks that are working to recognize these certificates. 

Can my certificate be tampered with?

Upon upload, a unique 16-alphanumerical hash will be generated based on various components required. After your certification is secured on the blockchain, the information is fixed and cannot be tampered with in any way.

Will my certificate be truly accessible forever?

Yes. Blockchain technology is a highly-secured technology that prevents it from being hacked or shut down by a single entity. Therefore, as long as the Ethereum blockchain service is operational, you will be able to access your certification via OpenCerts.

Have you encountered false claims to your work or are seeking to prevent it?

It can be a difficult and demotivating situation to navigate without the proper tools and channels. 

Connect with us to learn how we can help you.

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